Energy Healing (also known as Huna healing, Pranic, Qi, Spiritual, Faith, or Bio-energetic healing) is an ancient alternative way that enables your physical being to receive healing from your Higher Self. 

Through awareness and attention to your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, Energy Healing is perfect for anyone who instinctively knows we are much more than just our body and physiology.

You experience vibrant health when your body, mind and spirit are in perfect harmony and resonance.

Dis-ease” occurs when you are out of alignment (dis-harmony) and during emotional turmoil; this affects your whole being and could therefore be seen to be the likely cause of your disease

This dis-ease state ultimately affects every part of you. In this context, your physical ailments and/or emotional issues can then be seen as clues to know that something is amiss within your being  — and needs to be addressed.

Your physical body is as an ally, instead of an enemy to be fought, capable of miraculous transformation or spontaneous healing.


Do you have a physical symptompain, discomfort, or illness not helped by organized medicine?

Perhaps you have an emotional problem orthodox drugs have not been able to cure (or have made worse) ?

Do you have stress, anxiety, worry, negative self-image, or unstable relationships ?

Energy Healing adheres to the sacred oath that Hippocrates first stated  “Do no harm” which is the best approach to solving or alleviating your underlying problems, whatever they may be.

Discover how your thoughts, emotions and beliefs can sabotage your well being.

Yes, your very  thoughts are often the root cause of many illnesses and diseases — a fact which organized medicine is now beginning to recognize and has named placebo, nocebo and psychosomatic.

These associated thought ‘frequencies’ and patterns can either help heal your physical body or induce  harm – whether or not you are aware of this !

Learn how to reclaim your health and well-being by exploring how your thinking, beliefs and the past are creating dis-ease.

My frozen shoulder is out of deep freeze!

I can move my arm and shoulder freely again.

My liver and gall bladder functions are restored again.

I saw the most beautiful, comforting ‘light’!

Philip’s not human! He stopped the pain in my back in just 2 minutes.

My full healing is a blessing. I express my complete gratitude to Philip.

Life long allergy to chocolate -gone in 10 minutes.

Xrays confirmed the stone was completely gone !

All the pain in my back has disappeared. I feel so happy!

Life changing results – Surgery Avoided !

I feel so much better and am very grateful.

I was so scared after my breast cancer diagnosis.

In just 4 months I have been transformed!

The tumours completely disappeared.

Still free of breast cancer after 25 years!

I feel free and alive!

In every test and scan, the cancer markers all disappeared.

The medical results confirm my breast is completely cancer free

Now my back is completely better.

Migraines stopped for good in just 20 minutes!

Every one of the tumours shrank and completely disappeared.

The fibroid is gone and I feel wonderful!

Eye Doctor confirms I don’t even have cataracts anymore!

My shattered bones were completely restored!

The cancer has now completely gone!

The function of both kidneys was very bad. Now they are up to 72 %


The harmonious energy flow between your spirit, thoughts, emotions and physical being ultimately ensures your overall well-being, health, and vitality!

Should any of these aspects of your ‘self’ be out of harmony, your energetic system will produce clues and physical symptoms; then if ignored, illness and ultimately “dis-ease” will result.

Now, you can ensure the harmonious balance of your energies with the help of Philip Young, the Energy Healer in Toronto.

Call Philip and be restored to your natural healthy state in the comfort of your own home !

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