Who Can Benefit?

Anyone with an open-mind about the possibilities of ‘healing by faith’ can benefit.
Over the years I have found that a person’s religious faith makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE to the outcomes they experience from my work. This is especially obvious when I am dealing with people who have absolutely no concept of faith at the time – infants, coma victims and skeptics for instance.
It is through the unusual depth of my unconditional (divine) love, compassion, empathy, caring, acceptance, focused listening skills and intuitive guidance that I am able to help. During our healing sessions, people can find themselves in a ‘new place’ of ease, peace and even bliss. Indeed, they may not have ever fully experienced being in such a place before – it is at that moment that the healing processes (energies) gently take over and allow the positive energies within to overcome their dis-ease (disease).
It is not for us to know HOW this happens, it’s enough for us to know that it CAN happen – and often does, as many of my clients will testify to. Physical ailments of ALL types (from the very serious to the minor) can generally be alleviated and sometimes eliminated completely.