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I am originally from Wales where there is a long tradition and acceptance of ‘faith healers’ and alternate medicines and modalities going back to almost forgotten times. The best of these have withstood the test of the centuries and are alive and well today – for those who are open to them. It came as a very deep personal realization (that actually began as a child and has built up over the years) that I can use my voice and touch to help people ‘feel better’ both physically and emotionally. About 30 years ago I realized that the results were not ‘just coincidental’ but were often described as “Miraculous” by the beneficiaries – and so I simply had to take my gift seriously and USE it. Since then I have been refining and developing it into what I am today.

If any of this resonates with you and you think I might be able to help with an issue that you’re currently struggling with, please write me a note at philip.philip@sympatico.ca or call me at: 416-447-9550 for a preliminary discussion. There is no obligation whatsoever.