brings about healing within one’s entire being through the focusing of thoughts, beliefs and Heart’s desires. It’s appropriate for anyone who instinctively feels that we are all much, much more than the sum parts of our physical bodies. In some parts of the world they may refer to Energy Healing in more general or oblique terms such as Pranic, Qi, Spiritual, Faith or Bio-Energetic Healing as well.
Whichever terminology is used, for such a person the conception of being perfectly healthy is when our mind, spirit and body are in perfect balance and resonance. When one or more of these aspects of ourselves are not in full alignment – our whole being is affected – and we do not feel ‘at ease’ in the world (i.e. we become, dis-eased). The bodily ‘ailments’ can then be seen as symptoms and may be looked at as a ‘clue’ to what is really going on within the totality of the Self.
This state of ‘dis-ease’ ultimately impacts the health of our whole being. It generally manifests itself in the form of physical problems and/or emotional issues; and usually a person’s self-image and relationships with others are also negatively affected. Sometimes we’re dealing with a subtle combination of all four issues – and it’s hard to know what to deal with first, the chicken or the egg. This is part of being a normal human being, of course and it applies to us all from time to time.
At these times, a holistic approach to solving or alleviating the underlying problem(s) is often the best and only remedy.

The underlying philosophy and imperative around true Energy Healing is to “Do NO harm, either physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.” These philosophies go back to very, very ancient times.

This is in stark contrast to today’s world, where unintended consequences, toxic ‘side-effects’ and death or injury  through ‘properly prescribed’ drugs have become responsible for afflicting hundreds of thousands of people, each year. Such a difference in heart and philosophy is to be welcomed and fully embraced, for the benefit of all humanity.